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10 Creepiest Halloween Animatronics

Creepy Animatronics Halloween
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The Creepiest Halloween Animatronics

How do you decorate your home for Halloween? Carved pumpkins and streamers are Halloween decoration staples, but animatronics can turn your warm home into a truly spooky haunted house.

Here are the ten creepiest Halloween animatronics to buy to scare your neighbors (and yourself):


1. Towering Creepy Clown Animatronics

Many people are afraid of clowns, especially a towering 6-and-a-half-foot tall blood-splattered one with hooked fingers. Grimsli the Great’s eyes menacingly glow yellow and his jaw realistically moves as he taunts his victims, asking for body parts to juggle.


2. Scary Reaper Circus Clown Prop

creepy halloween

Halloween Haunters adds an extra half foot to its own demonic clown. Its eyes flash yellow and its head moves back and forth while it tries to catch unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. 


3. Animated Mother Halloween Decoration

creepy halloween

If you’ve seen Psycho, this animatronic might look familiar. She rocks back and forth, adding an extra level of horror. Rocking chair not included.


4. Michael Myers Animatronics Decorations

Halloween is considered by some to be the most horrifying horror movie ever created. Halloween was made on a shoe-string budget but scored millions at the box office, since becoming a cult classic and setting the standard for horror movies to follow. You can live the terrifying slasher experience with Spirit Halloween’s Michael Myers animatronic. The chilling Halloween theme song plays while Michael lunges at passing people.


5. Animated Tapping Peeper Halloween Decoration

creepy halloween

Scare your Halloween guests with a scary peeping tom from Oriental Trading. He taps onto the glass with realistic tapping sound as he tries to stare into your home, planning his next murder. 


6. Animated Floating Pennywise - It Chapter 2

IT is a huge horror franchise, rebooting the old made-for-tv movie from 1990 based on Stephen King’s beloved massive novel. “You’ll float, too,” with this creepy Pennywise figure from Party City. Pennywise moves side-to-side as if he’s floating, and his eyes glow as he says creepy bits of dialogue from IT Chapter 2.


7. Dawn of the Dead Roger Zombie Pillow Prop

creepy halloween

This Dawn of the Dead zombie Roger pillow prop from Halloween Express doesn’t require animation to scare—the replica face is even scarier than the iconic scene! It includes a pillow, and the head is attached by Velcro.


8. Emperor of Souls Animatronic

Kings seem to have unsettling otherworldly auras, but the “Emperor of Souls” animatronic from Spirit Halloween amplifies it to a terrifying level. The mad skull King’s eyes flare red and his head swivels. Be careful! He might send you to the underworld—his verdict, as he warns madly, is always death.


9. Standing Animated Butler

creepy halloween

Butlers are eerie—at least in horror movies—and Worth Imports plays on the prolific trope. This creeper butler laughs crazily as he suddenly hunches down over his tray. Hopefully he didn’t poison the treats!


10. Headless Help Animatronic

The “Headless Help” animatronic by Spirit Halloween also monopolizes on creepy butlers. The headless ghoul’s cloudy dead eyes blink and his mouth realistically moves while he talks about his “headless” head.



Creepy Animatronics Halloween
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