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Happy Holidays! Welcome to HolidaySmart, the original, official & authoritative online source for all things holidays! Featuring all those fun, weird and wacky daily holidays, noteworthy and awareness holidays, religious holidays, and observances from around the world.

We are Uniting the World through Holidays! Join our community and explore, discover and celebrate with us. Share your stories, learn about other cultures and just have fun celebrating! 

Upcoming daily & noteworthy holidays

Holidays Around the World

Continents / World Regions

Yom Kippur Israel
Independence Day Croatia Croatia
National Heroes Day Bahamas
Fiji Day Fiji
Independence War Day in Cuba Cuba
Thanksgiving Canada
First Day of Sukkot Israel
Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race) Guatemala
National Day of Spain Spain
Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea Guinea, Equatorial