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Mother's Day from the Heart

Celebrating moms
Mother's Day
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I read a post on Facebook from someone who she hated mothers day and what it represents because she is honored to be a mom everyday. Others want to cancel mothers day because it is so commercialized. And others are truly sad or have hurtful feelings on this day because they don't or didn't have a good relationship with their own mom, or they are wanting to be a mom and struggling, or they have lost a mom or child.

I get it, not every holiday is ideal for everyone. And sure, maybe commercialization has put too much pressure on children and husbands on this day. It can be hard on single moms, on families with no money, or just on the kids worrying about what to buy for their mom's to make them feel special.

I feel that they are missing the whole point. 

Mother's Day is not about the commercialized gifts. Sure as a mom, I love to get gifts and be spoiled. But the gifts I love the most, are the ones from the heart. The homemade gifts, the gifts that show my kids put some thought, love and effort into making me feel special. And I am never disappointed with any of those kinds of gifts. 

Celebrate Moms on a Budget

Mothers Day Gifts from the HeartAs a single (broke most of the time) mom, I taught my children that it was not about being able to buy me stuff, but about gifts from the heart. Now I have a drawer full of pictures and cards that are more valuable to me then anything they could have spent money on. And as much as I am a nurturer and giver, it is a great day when the kids take over and give back! 

Ever since my kids were young, we have made mother's day a family game day. Mom's rules: no arguing, no getting upset if you lose, and just playing for fun... and believe me, with 4 competitive children, it has always been fun for me to watch them have to fight the urge to be competitive for a day and just have fun!  It is a great way to fill the house with laughter and what more could you want as a mother then to hear your children having fun all day! That is our Mother's Day tradition. 

Create your own Mother's Day traditions. Do what is fun in your family. Whether it is gift giving, pampering, games, crafts, movies, a day out or a day to sleep in. If your kids are grown or not around on mother's day, do something special for yourself, spend the day pampering yourself. Call friends who are moms and let them know how special they are too. If you are tired of the same traditional mother's day and worrying about gifts, dinner, what to do for your mom, then change it up and try something new! Remember what it is all about. Sharing your true heart and love for your mother. 

happy moms dayCelebrate Moms! 

Perhaps moms don't need to have a special day because being a mom is a gift in itself. But mom's deserve a special day.

Happy Mother's Day to All Mom's. 

You Truly Are Special.

Enjoy your day! 








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