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How to use Daily Holidays to Market Any Business on Social Media

Daily Fun, Weird, Noteworthy and Awareness Days get engagement
Using Daily Holidays in your Social Media Posts
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How to use Daily Holidays to Market Any Business on Social Media

Daily Fun, Noteworthy and Awareness Days are one of the easiest ways on Social Media to create more engagement on any platform for any business. Regardless of your type of business, daily holidays are a trend that are not going anywhere. People just love to have a reason to celebrate and by marketing with a daily holiday, you are inviting your followers and potential followers to your celebration.  

HolidaySmart makes it super easy for businesses to narrow down the daily holidays for each month and day of the year to the ones that fit your marketing plan. Our Daily Calendar lets you sort by topic and gives you access to a complete list of holidays relating to that topic. Get exclusive access to our 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar & Planner here that includes the Daily Holiday Social Media Cheat Sheet, listing 1,000s of Daily Holidays with prompts and ideas for social posts.

Why use holiday marketing?

Social Media Holiday Post

 #1 - It's Fun!

People get bored easily. Don't let them get bored with your posts! Holidays make your posts more fun. Whether it's Talk Like a Pirate Day or an Awareness Day to save the planet, integrate it with your brand and make your posts more fun. 


Social Media Holiday Post
#2 - Creates a Connection

Daily Holidays help your followers to connect and feel good about you and your brand. When your clients or followers can connect something positive, such as a holiday that brings awareness, celebrates an activity or food, it brings more positivity to your brand, creating a connection and building loyalty.


Social Media Holiday Posts#3 - Helps you fill up your Social Posting Schedule

Daily Holidays help you fill in days on your social posting calendar with fun and inspirational topics.

This is the biggest struggle for many business owners and social media managers, what to post that will keep it exciting and build engagement. Our Daily Holiday Social Media Cheat Sheet makes it extremely easy to find and choose holidays to fill in those spaces. 


Social Media Holiday Post#4 - Get out of the Rut

Posting daily holidays gives your followers something new and exciting, out of the norm, unexpected, surprise posts that creates interest. 



​​​​Social Media Holiday Posts#5 - Most important, it brings more engagement

Social posts that get immediate engagement are more likely to be shown to more of your followers. Daily holidays make it easy to spice up your posts and they typically get more immediate likes then your regular posts, most users see a 200% - 500% increase in likes, especially if you choose the topics that your demographic of followers will relate to and customize it to your personality or brand. 


No more social media posting stress


How to choose the best holidays to integrate into your marketing & brand

Think about your demographic then answer these questions:

  • Who are the people who follow you?
  • What do they like?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Are they in a specific niche?
  • And if so, what else are most people in that niche typically interested in?

Then you can narrow down the topics for holiday posts based on the things that your followers will love. See HolidaySmart's Daily Calendar and narrow down the topics by Pets, Fandom, Positivity, Food and many more topics. 

Invoke the "Yes! I am Celebrating that today" feeling from your followers by choosing a topic they love. 

There is no better way to connect with your fans than to invoke a feeling of fun and celebration. Daily Holidays provide this opportunity.


How to customize your daily holiday posts

The best method for creating a daily holiday post that will get attention is to integrate the day's topic into your business, snap a photo or video and share it.

Here are a few examples for a day like Chocolate Cake Day:

  • If you work in an office, get a chocolate cake to share with your people. Take pictures of everyone enjoying chocolate cake. This helps your visitors feel more connected to you. 
  • If you are a consultant or motivational speaker, do a quick video clip of how chocolate cake can make you feel better, happier and is a great reward for your week of hard work.
  • Real Estate agents, show a slice of chocolate cake in the kitchen of the house you just listed or sold. 
  • Art Gallery, take a creative picture of a slice of chocolate cake with a gallery image in the background
  • Content Manager, take a picture of a slice of chocolate cake next to the computer or notepad

Here's a great example of a Chocolate Cake Day Video Share from a Parts Company. Creative fun way to connect with your followers and clients! 


There are literally 1000's of ideas for foodie days like this. And with a food holiday nearly everyday of the year, you can choose the foods that fit your personality and your business. 

Optimism & Positivity Holidays would be promoted a bit differently. Here are a few ideas for a day like Choose Happiness Day:

  • Post a quote about happiness
  • Take a picture of the small things that make your workplace happier, such as some of the small items on your desk, like a star wars lego, or a heart paperweight.
  • Showcase a drawing your child did that made you feel happy
  • Show off the smiling faces around your workplace
  • Ask your followers to share the small things in life that bring them happiness


These are just a few ideas to get you started. Use your creativity and your business style to integrate the daily holiday into your posts and you will get much more likes then if you post a standard or typical image. 

Get your 2021 Holiday Smart Social Media Calendar Planner + Daily Holiday Cheat Sheet and let's make 2021 a year to celebrate!


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