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10 Tips to Celebrate Mud Pack Day and Treat Your Skin to a Holiday

Mud Pack Day is September 30th!
10 Tips to Celebrate Mud Pack Day and Treat Your Skin to a Holiday
Body First

Your body is your temple, so treat it as such. What better way to do that than with a mud treatment?

Mud Pack Day, also known as Mud Treatment Day or Spa Mud Day, is September 30th. It is a day to celebrate the amazing effects mud has on the skin. As a skin care treatment, mud offers a plethora of health benefits to the largest organ in your body, your skin. 

Mud Treatments

Mud pulls toxins from deep within the skin cells to eliminate them from your body. It is the perfect compliment to any detox diet.

Mud baths have been around for centuries. They are used by just about every culture on the planet to rid the body of toxins, improve circulation and fight disease. Most importantly they give your skin a healthy glow that can only come from nature itself.

Mud wraps are among the most popular treatments in spas. They consist of a clay or mud applied directly to the body and heated treatment using a specific technique that will help detoxify and moisturize your skin. The result is healthier-looking skin that's more youthful and revitalized.

Both of these mud treatments are most often done in salons, but can also be done at home for a fraction of the cost. Depending on your skin type they can be used anywhere from once or twice a year to multiple times per week. 

Today on Mud Pack Day, treat your skin to a DIY home mud wrap, get a jar of SResults Detox Spa Mud and follow these 10 tips to getting salon results at home. 

10 Tips for the Ultimate Body Mud Wrap Treatment

Tip #1 - Do a Full Body Wrap

Mud Pack Day full body wrap

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so treat it right with a full body wrap treatment. Partial body treatments are awesome for targeting lets, belly, arms, but a full body wrap treatment is the ultimate for an all-over detox and provides the best in healthy skin benefits. 

Tip #2 - Wrap with Bandage Wraps soaked in warm water

Apply Spa mud directly to the skin and wrap over the mud with bandage wraps soaked in warm water or Herbal solution. Wrap firmly to compress the skin but not too tightly to prevent movement or cut off circulation. The heat combined with compression will help to release the impurities from the skin for better results. 


Tip #3 - One body part at a time

Mud Pack Day - Belly Wrap

While doing a full body wrap on yourself, it is best to work on just one area at a time. For example, start with the legs, apply mud to one leg, then wrap that leg, then the other leg, then wrap that leg. Next move to the buttocks and belly, apply the mud, then wrap. Continue until the whole body is wrapped. 

Tip #4 - Always toward the heart

Start wrapping furthest from the heart and work toward the heart. For example, start at the ankles and move upward to the belly. Then start at the wrists and move upward toward the shoulders. 


Tip #5 - Wrap with a friend

Mud Pack Day - Wrap with a Friend

Full body do-it-yourself mud body wraps are easier to do with a friend. Take turns wrapping each other, particularly when you get to the arms and upper body area. 

Tip #6 - Stay warm while wrapped

Keeping your body warm helps the mud's thermogenic response to deep cleansing the skin. Wear a sauna suit or sweat suit, sit outside in the warmth of the sun, or in a heated area. Warning, never allow yourself to get overheated. The idea is to stay warm, not get overly hot. 

Tip #7 - 60 minute Body Wrap

Once you have completed the full body and put on the suit to stay warm, stay in the wraps for 1 hour. It is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching, read a book or magazine, call a friend for some good conversation, or just relax with some music. 


Tip #8 - Drink lots of water

Mud Pack Day - Drink Water

Drinking water helps your body flush out the toxins through the lymphatic system. Even after the wrap, your lymphatic system is still at work working to remove the toxins. Continue drinking lots of water for 24-48 hours after the wrap treatment. 

Tip #9 - Do not shower

Rather than shower after removing the wraps, simply wipe off the excess mud from your skin with a warm cloth. This allows the mud to continue to work through the lymphatic system. Wait at least 6-8 hours before showering. 

Tip #10 - After the Body Wrap

Apply a cellulite gel or light cream to moisturize the skin. With the skin cells deep cleansed, they are able to absorb cellulite fighting ingredients that can provide more effective results in toning, tightening and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Treat your skin on Mud Pack Day with the ultimate at home mud body wrap treatment. Share your results and show off your toned and tightened skin! 


Article Contributed by, featuring premium body clays and muds for salons, spas and at-home treatments. 


10 Tips to Celebrate Mud Pack Day and Treat Your Skin to a Holiday
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