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The 12 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The 12 Best Horror Movies on Netflix
Body First

Every October, Netflix has some extra spooky surprises in store. They release a few select Halloween favorites, in the spirit of the season, to accompany some of their already popular horror favorites. Check out our picks for some of the best scary movies on Netflix!



This gripping thriller follows a deaf and mute writer who has retreated to the woods to write her latest novel. Things start to go wrong when a masked stranger decides he wants to play a game of cat and mouse.


Would You Rather

When a wealthy stranger offers to pay for her brother’s expensive medical treatment, this concerned sister agrees to play his game. What she wasn’t expecting were the other players were all promised the same thing, and only the winner gets to walk out alive.


Scream 2

Who doesn’t love a horror franchise? Scream 2 is one of the few sequels in cinema that has some audience members preferring it over the original. Indulge yourself (if you haven’t already seen this classic) and try to figure out who Ghostface is this time.


The Awakening

What happens when a professional paranormal debunker happens upon a truly haunted house? Follow her on a journey to self discovery and connections she didn’t know she had.



Many people are frightened of mirrors, especially at night. The mirror at the center of this story has supposedly killed each and every one of its owners for centuries. When a brother and sister team try to destroy it, they get more of a fight than they bargained for.


Dead Silence

When it comes from the director of Saw, you know it’s going to be a well thought out and truly terrifying adventure. Follow a man on his journey to uncover the terrible secrets of his town and the ventriloquism dummy that showed up on his front step.


The Taking of Deborah Logan

This documentary style horror follows the journey of a woman through the stages of alzheimer's disease. As she weakens, something else begins to take hold, but will her daughter and the crew find out what it is before it’s too late?


Final Destination 3

Yes, another horror franchise favorite! If you’re familiar with the Final Destination series, you’ll know this as “the one with the roller coaster.” If you aren’t follow a group of teenagers who cheated their death face the reality that Death will come for you one way or another.


The Babadook

This tale focuses on a stressed single mother while she struggles to raise her difficult child. Matters only become worse when he finds a mysterious book about “the Babadook” that threatens both of their lives.


Sleepy Hollow

A Johnny Depp and Tim Burton classic. Relive the famous tale of Ichabod Crane and his attempts to stop the Headless Horseman.


The Wicker Man

This reboot starring Nicholas Cage follows a police officer who goes to a strange island to find a missing girl, only to discover that the islanders may know more about her disappearance than they’re letting on.



This found footage-style film is truly unsettling. We don’t want to spoil any of it, so we’ll just say that: Unsettling.


The 12 Best Horror Movies on Netflix
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