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3 Extreme Haunted Houses

3 Extreme Haunted Houses
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No matter where you live in the United States, nearly every town has at least one local haunt that gears up every Halloween. The locations on this list take haunted houses to an extreme. Not only are they unsuitable for the faint of heart, but many of them also require you to sign a waiver in case of injury, and the scare actors are allowed to touch you or force you away from you group. Warning: the houses listed here are for those 18+


The Ghoullog - North Conway, NH

The design of The Ghoullog haunted house is changed every year. Switching up the scares means that not only are more guests encouraged to participate, it ensures that fans of previous houses will want to see what else is in store. This house does require a waiver to be signed stating that the scare actors may touch you, but you are given a safety card to forfeit if you change your mind. One year, participants were even fully submerged in water before being send on a ski lift. Bugs and rats have also been involved, as well as faux kidnapped scenarios. This is a house sure to frighten even the most seasoned haunted house lovers.


Halls of Horror - Palmerton, PA

This particular haunt describes itself as “offensive and adult” and says to only wear clothes that can be ruined and leave valuable items at home. It is a reasonably charged attraction compared to some major ones, but it does have an upgraded option if you want the “blood experience” which presumably means you’ll be drenched in the stuff. They only allow 4 people at a time, so larger groups can and will be separated. Think you can handle it? Although there’s a similar theme, no two years are ever alike.


Haunted Plantation - O’ahu, HI

For the past 10 years, Hawaii has been host to so much more than a haunted house. Haunted Plantation is an entire haunted village that is so well respected, it has even been featured on Syfy and the Travel Channel. Visitors say that as you get closer to the village, you can really hear the screams of everyone inside. The plantation claims to be on the actual grounds of a haunted plantation and specifies that no one under the age of 13 is allowed. Sure, you’ve been to haunted houses, but do you think you can handle this village?

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