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5 Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

5 Safety tips for trick-or-treating to ensure that your child will have a safe and fun Halloween.
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Halloween can be one of the most dangerous nights of the year for children, but there's no need to worry! Following a few simple safety tips is all you need to do to insure your child's safety as they trick-or-treat this Halloween. Here are five tips to help keep your kids safe and happy.

flashlight#1 Stay Well-Lit

For some trick or treaters, this can simply mean carrying a flashlight. Although the “official” trick or treat times seem to be starting earlier every year, make sure at least one person in your family or group has a flashlight as you collect candy. If you live in a lesser populated or rural area, it might also be a good idea to have reflective tape on your costume or buckets.


Halloween safety

#2 Short and Sweet

Especially for young ones, it is a good idea to keep costumes about calf-length. This is extra important for those in dresses. Not only could you trip, but another member of your group could step on the fabric and fall, or even rip and ruin the costume


Halloween flexible props

#3  Flexible Props

Argh, matey! This one is for all you pirates out there! If your child is carrying a sword or other prop that might be fun to wave around, try to get a foam one. Foam props are best because they are lightweight, so they’re less likely to be handed over to mom and dad about 10 minutes into the night. Even if they hit something (or someone), damage should be minimal.


Halloween masks

#4 Ditch the Mask

While masks can be a fun option to change up a costume, they can also make it hard to see or breathe. Instead, try headwraps and hats to complete the look! Opting for non-toxic makeup is another great choice. If it’s not rainy, use a water activated paint. Once it dries, it won’t smear or  rub off on your child’s costume or on others.


Halloween shoes

#5 Make Sure the Slipper Fits

As much fun as glass slippers can be, they are not the best choice for walking around your neighborhood and collecting candy. For trick or treating, always opt for comfy shoes for everyone in the group. Tempting as it may be, stay away from anything with a heel. If a shoe has laces, make sure to double knot them. Some costumes may have shoe covers, so be careful with those as well.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy trick or treating!

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