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Foodie Fun Holiday Hashtags That Will Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Marketing with fun food holidays
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Marketing with Daily Fun Holidays

Are you in the restaurant or food industry and looking for a way to boost your Social media engagement? Trending foodie hashtags are the perfect way to interact with your audience. When you create content to post on your social media outlets, be sure to include trending popular hashtags as well as specific ones for your branding. The more specific to your niche, the better!

How does using daily holiday hashtags improve my social media engagement?

Posts with a hashtag gets on average about 12% more engagement than those without. If you are in the restaurant industry and encourage users to use trending foodie hashtags, other users are able to find your content. You are essentially boosting your social presence and post visibility. By doing this you are able to get fresh new eyes on your content that will entice new customers to your brand.

Here’s a list of trending, popular foodie hashtags:

  • #foodies
  • #foodporn
  • #instafood
  • #foodphotography
  • #foodstagram
  • #foodlover
  • #yummy
  • #forkyeah
  • #eatingfortheinsta
  • #tastethisnext
  • #nomnomnom
  • #hangry
  • #foodgasm
  • #foodgram


Every day of the year, there is a food holiday, many of which tend to start trending 10-15 days prior to the date. 


Food Holidays Calendar

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Some of the most popular food holidays are: 


And that's just the beginning! There are over 360 food holidays for you to choose from. Sometimes the less popular food holidays can drive just as many views because there are less posts and people are more likely to find yours. So mix it up and share popular and less popular foodie holidays to expand your reach. Find your specific foods and don't miss out on the opportunity to post about the fun food holiday and include the hashtags! These hashtags will expand your reach on social media and bring more followers to your brand. 


Don’t be shy, use brand specific hashtags too!

The best way to bring in new customers is always going to be word of mouth. This applies on social media by having your current audience promote your brand for you! Come up with a unique hashtag just for your brand and encourage your customers to use it. This will categorize all content under that hashtag to specific to you as well as bringing in new customers that see your hashtag trending online.

Here’s some examples of brand specific foodie hashtags:

  • DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT - Digiorno Pizza
  • PutaCanOnIT - RedBull
  • Blacktapthat - Black Tap Burgers in NYC
  • LetsdoLunch - dominos
  • InnOutpeople - In and Out Burger


How Do I Get My Foodie Brand Hashtag to Trend?

The idea of creating a brand specific foodie hashtag is to make sure it trends, right? Well don’t worry, it won’t happen overnight but here are some sure fire ways to make sure your hashtag catches on:

  1. Use it consistently across all social media platforms
  2. Keep it short and sweet
  3. Engage with those that use it
  4. Make it unique, you don’t want it already being used
  5. Use it in your marketing campaigns
  6. Encourage your current customer base to use it in their content


Food Hashtags by Location, Location, Location

Another great way to hone in on your audience is to use foodie hashtags that are specific to your location. This can be narrowed down to your state, city or even area. Consider what part of town you are located that people might be searching for like downtown. Here are some examples:

  • #downtownorlandoeats
  • #thebayareaeats
  • #LAeats
  • #floridafood
  • #bayareafoodie
  • #nyceatsagram
  • #nyceats
  • #texasfoodie
  • #texasbbq


Other ways to use foodie holiday hashtags

If you really want to get specific, you can even use hashtags that are related to the cuisine you sell, time of day or just what you sell in general. And use several to make sure you are getting all of the food and holiday hashtags along with the more generic ones.


  • #italianfood, #italianLasagnaDay
  • #veganeats, #worldveganday
  • #donutsallday, #donutday 
  • #cleaneats 
  • #brunchtime, #cheesecakedaybrunch 
  • #dinnertime, #cheeseburgerdaydinner 
  • #breakfastisthebest 
  • #brunchparty, #pancakedaybrunchparty 
  • #whatsforlunch 
  • #dinnerfortwo 
  • #mexican, #mexicantacoday 
  • #taconight, #tacodaydinner 
  • #tacotuesday 
  • #margaritamonday, #margaritaday 
  • #instaburger 
  • #realitalian, #italianmeatballday


Get out there and be creative! As you can see there are tons of hashtags that you can use to be relevant to your brand and audience. Foodie hashtags are a great way to boost your online presence. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and see which ones work best for you.

Food Holidays

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marketing with fun food holidays