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The Pros and Cons of 4 Different Types of Halloween Makeup

The Pros and cons of 4 different types of Halloween makeup
Body First

For those who are young (or young at heart), dressing up can be the best part of Halloween. Whether the costume is a skeleton, a witch, a vampire, or something far more original, many people like to use makeup to level-up their spooky ensemble. But where to start? There are several kinds of makeup that each have their own sets of perks and downfalls, so we’ve gathered them here to help you find the one that best suits your needs


1.Cream Paint

Cream paint

Cream paints are perhaps the most common and economically priced option for beginners or for those just looking to do a basic look. The formula does not need to be “activated” by water or any other solution and can be found online, at most costume shops, and in season Halloween sections/stores. You can use it right out of its container, and the paints usually come in a single color in in a small palette of 4. It’s also perfect for around the eye area. Make sure to powder it if you plan on wearing it for a longer period of time. Also, be careful of touching it too often or wearing it with expensive materials. Because it is a cream, it does not set reliably and can transfer onto clothes, pets, or other people pretty easily. Remove with cold cream, soap and water.


2. Grease Paints

Grease Paint

Like the first option, grease paints are reasonably priced and easy to find online and in stores, and are especially inexpensive if found in seasonal Halloween sections/stores. They can be found in single colors or small palettes, just like cream paints. Grease paint is perfect for novice users, covering smaller areas, gore, or for less detailed looks. However, grease paint does not set, so if you plan on touching anything, find a different product. While it transfers easily, removing it is a different story. Cold cream is best for taking off this product.


3. Water Activated Paints

Water Activated Paint

For those of you looking to really sell your look, water activated paints might just be the best choice. As the name would suggest, you do need to have clean water handy to activate each paint. Often times, these kinds of paints come in a larger scale palette or in small single pans. Add more water for a more translucent paint, add less for a more dense and pigmented look. Once the makeup dries completely, it will not transfer onto clothes or or other people, and you can even paint more colors over it for a more detailed project. These paints are a little more expensive and can be a little harder to find in stores, even seasonally, but are widely available through online retailers. They are easy to remove and wash away with water. This perk is also the biggest downfall, because sweat, rain, and food/drink can easily activate the paints and make them run.


4. Alcohol Activated Paints

Alcohol Activated Paints

Just like water activated paints need water, these paints require alcohol for use. Don’t get too excited though, you won’t find the proper solution in your liquor cabinet. Alcohol activated paints require a solution of 99% alcohol, which is higher than the standard disinfectant solution sold in pharmacies. The best place to purchase this activator is online. Coincidentally, this is also the best place to purchase the paints themselves. If you’re lucky to live in a big city that has a SFX makeup store, you may be able to snag a palette of these paints in person. Typically, alcohol activated paints are pretty pricey and only for professional use. They’re ideal for extremely detailed looks as well as messier gore projects. Because the alcohol is needed to activate the paint, they do not run, smear, or transfer if the subject comes into contact with anything or if they sweat or get caught in the rain. It is extremely important to take care when both applying and removing the paint with the 99% alcohol. Be especially weary when painting the forehead and and area above eye level. Do NOT use in eye area.

We hope this article helped you find your perfect paint! When Halloween rolls around, don’t forget to take a photo of yourself and tag us @HolidaySmart on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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