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German Unity Day

German Unity Day
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Holiday Date
October 3

About National Day

Countries around the world observe a National Day to celebration the nationhood of the country. It is most often a federal public holiday that brings out the pride in the nation. 

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About Independence Day

Independence Day is an annual holiday celebrated in countries around the world commemorating the anniversary of the nation's independence. Each country has it's own reason to celebrate and many are celebrated similarly under other names such as National Day, Foundation Day, Statehood Day or name the day for their country.

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About Union Day, Unity Day, or Unification Day

Union Day, Unity Day, Unification Day are all days that are observed by nations most commonly to celebrate independence or a union of their country. It often celebrates a turning point where the nation or a group of people came together and unified for the country or for their cause. It also can be a day where regions celebrate unity and peace among a group of people.