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Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays relating to TV & Movies

The daily holidays listed here are fun, silly, weird and wacky, and they are also days for remembrance, to support a cause or to celebrate something in our society. These observances are typically not official by any state or government, most originate by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! So have fun, explore the daily holidays and celebrate!
Science Fiction January 2 Science Fiction Day
Screenwriters Day January 5 Screenwriters Day
Camcorder Day January 20 Camcorder Day
Weatherperson February 5 Weatherperson's Day
International Fanworks Day February 15 International Fanworks Day
Reel Film Day March 5 Reel Film Day
VO (Voice Over) Day March 15 VO (Voice Over) Day
Ring March 25 Tolkien Reading Day
Film Score Day April 3 Film Score Day
Fish Fingers April 3 Fish Fingers and Custard Day
Movie Theater Day April 23 Movie Theater Day
Impossible Astronaut Day April 23 Impossible Astronaut Day
Alien Day April 26 Alien Day
Bugs Bunny Day April 30 Bugs Bunny Day
Star Wars May 4 Intergalactic Star Wars Day - May the Fourth Be With You
Revenge of the Fifth May 5 Revenge of the Fifth
Twilight Zone Day May 11 Twilight Zone Day
Filmmaker Day May 14 Filmmaker Day
Eliza Doolittle Day May 20 Eliza Doolittle Day
Talk Like Yoda Day May 21 Talk Like Yoda Day
Sherlock Holmes Day May 22 Sherlock Holmes Day
World Dracula Day May 26 World Dracula Day
Oscar the Grouch Day June 1 Oscar the Grouch Day
Drive-In Theater June 6 Drive-In Movie Day
Ghostbusters Day June 8 Ghostbusters Day
Donald Duck June 9 Donald Duck Day
Superman Day June 12 Superman Day
Color TV June 25 Color TV Day
626 Day (Lilo & Stitch Day) June 26 626 Day (Lilo & Stitch Day)
International Harry Potter Day July 31 International Harry Potter Day
Spiderman Day August 1 Spiderman Day
radio commercials August 28 Radio Commercials Day
Batman Day September 21 Batman Day
Hobbit Day September 22 Hobbit Day
Back to the Future Day October 21 Back to the Future Day
talk show host October 23 Talk Show Host Day
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage October 27 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
Animation day October 28 International Animation Day
Cookie Monster Day November 2 Cookie Monster Day
Public Television Day November 3 Public Television Day
Big bird November 10 Sesame Street Day
Mickey Mouse Day November 18 Mickey Mouse Day
World Television Day November 21 World Television Day
Doctor Who Day November 23 Doctor Who Day
Marvel Day December 28 Marvel Day