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Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays relating to Sports & Fitness

The daily holidays listed here are fun, silly, weird and wacky, and they are also days for remembrance, to support a cause or to celebrate something in our society. These observances are typically not official by any state or government, most originate by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! So have fun, explore the daily holidays and celebrate!
Commitment Day January 1 Commitment Day
Personal Trainer January 2 Personal Trainer Awareness Day
Basketball Court January 7 Harlem Globetrotters Day
Thursday of the Third Full Week of January January 21 Women’s Healthy Weight Day
National Preschool Fitness Day January 28 Preschool Fitness Day
Get Up Day February 1 Get Up Day
National Girls and Women in Sports Day February 2 National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Dunk a Basketball Day February 17 Dunk Day
Recreational Sports & Fitness Day February 22 Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
Play Tennis Day February 23 Play Tennis Day
Curling is Cool Day February 23 Curling is Cool Day
Sportsmanship Day March 1 Sportsmanship Day
Walk in the Sand Day March 26 Walk in the Sand Day
Take a Walk in the Park Day March 30 Take a Walk in the Park Day
Kids Yoga Day April 1 Kids Yoga Day
Fan Dance Day April 3 Fan Dance Day
Play Outside Day April 3 Play Outside Day
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace April 6 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
Student Athlete Day April 6 Student Athlete Day
Catch and Release Day April 9 Catch and Release Day
Golfer's Day April 10 Golfer's Day
Bicycle Day April 19 Bicycle Day
World Healing Day April 29 World Healing Day
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day April 29 World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
International Dance Day April 29 International Dance Day
Kids Fitness Day May 4 Kids Fitness Day
Bike to School Day May 4 Bike to School Day
Foam Rolling Day May 11 Foam Rolling Day
Archery Day May 14 Archery Day
Ride a Unicycle Day May 15 Ride a Unicycle Day
Employee Health and Fitness Day May 18 Employee Health and Fitness Day
Scooter Day May 19 Scooter Day
Bike to Work Day May 20 Bike to Work Day
Children learning to swim May 21 Learn to Swim Day
National Senior Health & Fitness Day May 25 Senior Health & Fitness Day
Global Running Day June 1 Global Running Day
World Bicycle Day June 3 World Bicycle Day
Chimborazo Day (High Point of the Year Day) June 3 Chimborazo Day (High Point of the Year Day)
Cheer Coach Day June 4 Cheer Coach Day
Learn to Row Day June 4 Learn to Row Day
Trails Day June 4 Trails Day
Family Recreation Day June 4 Family Recreation Day
Marina Day June 11 Marina Day
Family Health & Fitness Day June 11 Family Health & Fitness Day
International Surfing Day June 18 International Surfing Day
Go Skateboarding Day June 21 Go Skateboarding Day
International Day of Yoga June 21 International Day of Yoga
Swim a Lap Day June 24 Swim a Lap Day
Canoe Day June 26 Canoe Day
World Jump Day July 20 World Jump Day
Thread the Needle Day July 25 Thread The Needle Day
Disc Golf Day August 6 Disc Golf Day
Bowling Day August 13 Bowling Day
Ride the Wind Day August 23 Ride the Wind Day
physical therapy September 8 World Physical Therapy Day
Dance Day September 17 Dance Day
Gymnastics day September 18 Gymnastics Day
Hunting & Fishing Day September 25 Hunting & Fishing Day
Women's Health & Fitness Day September 27 Women's Health & Fitness Day
Golf Lover's Day October 4 Golf Lover's Day
Basketball day November 6 Basketball Day
go for a ride Day November 22 Go For A Ride Day
Ninja Day December 5 International Ninja Day
World Basketball Trick Shot Day December 7 World Basketball Trick Shot Day
December 16 Underdog Day