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Daily Fun & Noteworthy Holidays relating to Creativity & Innovation

Explore your creative side with these fun and awareness Creativity and Innovation themed holidays. These non-official fun, silly, weird, wacky days are observances designed to bring our your creativity, be motivated by great innovations in our society, or be inspired to support a cause. So have fun, be inspired and explore the creativity and innovation holidays and celebrate!
Drinking Straws January 3 Drinking Straw Day
Vision Board Day January 8 Vision Board Day
Balloon Ascension Day January 9 Balloon Ascension Day
Choreographers Day January 9 Choreographers Day
Sketchnote Day January 11 Sketchnote Day
Make Your Dreams Come True Day January 13 Make Your Dreams Come True Day
Without a Scalpel Day January 16 Without a Scalpel Day
Kid Inventors January 17 Kid Inventor's Day
Cable Car Day January 17 Cable Car Day
Tin Can Day January 19 Tin Can Day
Beer Can Appreciation Day January 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day
Macintosh Computer Day January 24 Macintosh Computer Day
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day January 24 Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Thomas Crapper Day January 27 Thomas Crapper Day
National Kazoo Day January 28 Kazoo Day
Lego Day January 28 Lego Day
Puzzle Day January 29 Puzzle Day
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day January 31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Scotch Tape Day January 31 Scotch Tape Day
International Face and Body Art Day February 1 International Face and Body Art Day
Umbrella Day February 10 Umbrella Day
Plimsoll Day February 10 Plimsoll Day
Inventors Day February 11 Inventors Day
Ferris Wheel Day February 14 Ferris Wheel Day
International Fanworks Day February 15 International Fanworks Day
Innovation Day February 16 Innovation Day
Battery Day February 18 Battery Day
Fairy Tale February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Floral Design Day February 28 Floral Design Day
March Forth and Do Something Day March 4 March Forth and Do Something Day
Landline Telephone Day March 10 Landline Telephone Day
Write Down Your Story Day March 14 Write Down Your Story Day
Genius Day / Scientists Day March 14 Genius Day / Scientists Day
No Selfies Day March 16 No Selfies Day
Submarine Day March 17 Submarine Day
Little Red Wagon Day March 25 Little Red Wagon Day
Scribble Day March 27 Scribble Day
Something On A Stick Day March 28 Something On A Stick Day
Smoke and Mirrors Day March 29 Smoke and Mirrors Day
Keep Moving Forward Day March 30 Keep Moving Forward Day
Pencil Day March 30 Pencil Day
Crayon Day March 31 Crayon Day
Star Trek Day April 5 Star Trek Day / First Contact Day
Flash Drive Day April 5 Flash Drive Day
Twinkies April 6 Hostess Twinkie Day
Handmade Day April 7 Handmade Day
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day April 8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Safety Pin Day April 10 Safety Pin Day
Encourage a Young Writer Day April 10 Encourage a Young Writer Day
Rubber Eraser Day April 15 Rubber Eraser Day
World Art Day April 15 World Art Day
Bicycle Day April 19 Bicycle Day
World Creativity and Innovation Day April 21 World Creativity and Innovation Day
Jelly beans April 22 Jelly Bean Day
Pinhole Photography Day April 24 Pinhole Photography Day
Telephone Day April 25 Telephone Day
Richter Scale Day April 26 Richter Scale Day
World Intellectual Property Day April 26 World Intellectual Property Day
International Sculpture Day April 29 International Sculpture Day
Poetry & The Creative Mind Day April 29 Poetry & The Creative Mind Day
CSS Reboot Day May 1 CSS Reboot Day
Cartoonists Day May 5 Cartoonists Day
Try Something New Day May 7 Try Something New Day
International Drone Day May 7 International Drone Day
Odometer Day May 12 Odometer Day
Windmill Day May 14 Windmill Day
Notebook Day May 19 Notebook Day
Be a Millionaire Day May 20 Be a Millionaire Day
Weights & Measures Day May 20 Weights & Measures Day
Memo Day May 21 Memo Day
Solitaire Day May 22 Solitaire Day
Towel Day May 25 Towel Day
Cellophane Tape Day May 27 Cellophane Tape Day
Cooler Day May 27 Cooler Day
Paper Clip Day May 29 Paper Clip Day
Creativity Day May 30 Creativity Day
Loomis Day May 30 Loomis Day
Web designer May 31 Web Designer Day
Drawing Day / Pencil Day June 4 Drawing Day / Pencil Day
Hot Air Balloon Day June 5 Hot Air Balloon Day
Donald Duck June 9 Donald Duck Day
Toy Industry Day June 9 Toy Industry Day
Ballpoint Pen Day June 10 Ballpoint Pen Day
World Tessellation Day June 17 World Tessellation Day
Garfield the Cat Day June 19 Garfield the Cat Day
National Watch Day June 19 Watch Day
Typewriter Day June 23 Typewriter Day
Sunglasses Day June 27 Sunglasses Day
Camera Day June 29 Camera Day
Parchment Day June 29 Parchment Day
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day July 6 Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
Motorcycle Day July 8 Motorcycle Day
Coca Cola Day July 8 Coca Cola Day
Paper Bag Day July 12 Paper Bag Day
Etch-a-Sketch Day July 12 Etch a Sketch Day
Rubik Day July 13 Rubik Day
Tape Measure Day July 14 Tape Measure Day
Tattoo Day July 17 Tattoo Day
Drive-Thru Day July 24 Drive-Thru Day
carousel day July 25 Carousel Day / Merry-Go-Round Day
International Harry Potter Day July 31 International Harry Potter Day
coloring book day August 2 Coloring Book Day
Date to Ceate August 8 The Date to Create
Vinyl Record Day August 12 Vinyl Record Day
Mail Order Catalog Day August 18 Mail Order Catalog Day
camera August 19 World Photography Day
Radio Day August 20 Radio Day
Ride the Wind Day August 23 Ride the Wind Day
Waffle Iron Day August 24 Waffle Iron Day
Swap Ideas Day September 10 Swap Ideas Day
International Programmers Day September 13 International Programmers Day
Live Creative Day September 14 Live Creative Day
International Dot Day September 15 International Dot Day
Build a Sandcastle Day September 20 Build a Sandcastle Day
Scarf Day September 27 Scarf Day
Manufacturing Day October 1 Manufacturing Day
World Day of Architecture October 7 World Day of Architecture
Cake Decorating Day October 10 Cake Decorating Day
Handbag Day October 10 Handbag Day
National Day on Writing October 20 National Day on Writing
Writing November 1 Authors Day
Button Day November 16 Button Day
Mickey Mouse Day November 18 Mickey Mouse Day
Make a Gift Day December 3 Make a Gift Day
Disney Day December 5 Disney Day
Kaleidoscope Day December 11 Kaleidoscope Day
App Day December 11 App Day
Marvel Day December 28 Marvel Day