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Beauty & Fashion Holidays

The daily holidays listed here are fun and awareness non-official holidays. Most originate by organizations, groups, and well, we don't know where some of them got their start! If you love fashion, be sure to bookmark this page so you don't miss your favorite fashion holiday. Holidays relating to beauty and style are fun to celebrate and share! So have fun, explore the daily fashion and beauty holidays and celebrate!
Argyle Day January 8 Argyle Day
Kiss a Ginger Day January 12 Kiss a Ginger Day
Dress Up Your Pet Day January 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day
Hat Day January 15 National Hat Day
Sweat Pants Day January 21 Sweat Pants Day
Polka Dot Day January 22 Polka Dot Day
Measure Your Feet Day January 23 Measure Your Feet Day
International Face and Body Art Day February 1 International Face and Body Art Day
Flannel Day February 10 Flannel Day
Natural Day February 13 Natural Day
Eye Lash Day February 19 Lash Day
Floral Design Day February 28 Floral Design Day
Dress Day March 6 Dress Day
Fanny Pack Day March 12 Fanny Pack Day
Jewel Day March 13 Jewel Day
Earmuff Day March 13 Earmuff Day
Fragrance Day March 21 Fragrance Day
Tweed Day April 3 Tweed Day
Perfume Day April 14 Perfume Day
Mani-Pedi Day April 25 Mani-Pedi Day
Zipper Day April 29 Zipper Day
Textiles Day May 3 Textiles Day
Hooray for Buttons Day May 9 Hooray for Buttons Day
Lost Sock Memorial Day May 9 Lost Sock Memorial Day
Straw Hat Day May 15 Straw Hat Day
Nylon Stockings Day May 15 Nylon Stockings Day
Piercings Day May 16 Piercing Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day May 18 Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
International Tiara Day May 24 International Tiara Day
Wig Out Day May 27 Wig Out Day
Nail Tech Day May 30 Nail Tech Day
Tailors Day June 1 Tailors Day
Nail Polish Day June 1 Nail Polish Day
Eyewear Day June 6 Eyewear Day
Flip flops June 10 Flip Flop Day
Making Life Beautiful Day June 11 Making Life Beautiful Day
National Watch Day June 19 Watch Day
Pink Day June 23 Pink Day
Beautician's Day June 26 Beautician's Day
International Body Piercing Day June 28 International Body Piercing Day
Bikini July 5 Bikini Day
Different Colored Eyes Day July 12 Different Colored Eyes Day
Tattoo Day July 17 Tattoo Day
Lipstick Day July 29 Lipstick Day
Underwear Day August 5 Underwear Day
Shapewear Day August 10 Shapewear Day
International Bow Day August 19 International Bow Day
Bow Tie Day August 28 Bow Tie Day
Felt Hat Day September 15 Felt Hat Day
Scarf Day September 27 Scarf Day
Mud Pack Day September 30 Mud Pack Day
Plus Size Appreciation Day October 6 Plus Size Appreciation Day
Mad Hatter Day October 6 Mad Hatter Day
Inner Beauty Day October 7 Inner Beauty Day
Halloween costumes October 8 Costume Swap Day
Handbag Day October 10 Handbag Day
No Bra Day October 13 No Bra Day
No Beard Day October 18 No Beard Day
love your Red hair November 5 Love Your Red Hair Day
Button Day November 16 Button Day
image consulting day November 23 International Image Consultant Day
Hat Day November 25 Hat Day
Sock Day December 4 Sock Day
Ugly Christmas Sweater Day December 16 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day